About Walk in Africa

Walk in Africa specialises in walking holidays, walking tours and walking safaris throughout Africa.

We are based in Africa and our extensive experience exploring, walking, tracking and hiking in Africa ensures that we are the best choice to arrange your walking holiday in Africa. We believe that the best way to experience Africa is to Walk in Africa.

A walking holiday in Africa allows you to savour the beauty and spirit of the continent.
It encourages interaction with local people, insights into the ecology and allows you to better appreciate your destination at a more relaxed pace.

Whether you are looking for a one-day walk or a multi-day trek in Africa, we can design it, arrange it, book it and guide it for you. We offer tailor-made holidays, scheduled departures, charity challenge routes as well as group walking holidays and we are able to cater to the walking needs of all ages.

We can arrange add-on extensions to all of our walks, ensuring that you have the holiday that YOU want. We have decades of experience and are committed to your safety and to ensuring that you enjoy the best walking vacation of your life.