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Riots spread south

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Everything was calm at Skilpad nature reserve, until we noticed advancing colours –

A orange rioters

And soon it was another riot of colour . . .

A orange motion

To be honest it was mostly orange. A riot of orange  . . .

A Skilpad orange

This dominance by a single species is a result of the land having been disturbed by agriculture in the past. These orange Ursinias are pioneering species and will dominate the spring landscape for a while as the ecology recovers and diversifies.

Nonetheless the sight of a brilliant living, orange carpet stretching into the distant hills is breathtaking.

A windmill

And seeing a herd of Hartebees resting in comfort of the flowers was a bonus . . .

A hartebees

In the hills with the Hills

Recently I had the good fortune to guide Simon & Sarah up Table Mountain. Besides the fact that Simon had the coolest hat imaginable, they are a really fun couple.

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Sarah pretended to have an issue with exposed heights . . .

We saw a few very special flowers, but the highlight for me was Nerine sarniensis, the Guernsey Lily.

This exquisite flower is a bulb from the Amaryllis family. It is one of 25 species in this genus, which is endemic to South Africa. Interestingly this species has been cultivated on th eisland of Guernsey for centuries – hence its common and species names.