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Video introducing the Cape Town City Walks

Meet Jan van Riebeeck and get a taste of our new City Walk.  This 2-hour walk takes place every morning in the centre of Cape Town, and introduces you to the fascinating history behind the Mother City.

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The reality of Cape Town slavery

Most of us are aware that there were slaves at The Cape some time in the past. But how much do you know about the reality of slavery?

I am amazed that slavery even existed. The idea of owning another human being is bizarre and reminds us of the baser side of human nature.

Do you know that children could be sold as slaves separately from their mothers? In about 1657 Jan van Riebeeck was given the gift of a slave by the name of Clein Eva. She was 5 years old!

In 1693 Simon van der Stel, a subsequent (and very influential) Dutch representative at The Cape purchased 3 children as slaves and most remarkably sold a 3 year old slave by the name of Revan!

Imagine the trauma suffered by these children and their mothers.

What do you think about this?