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16 Apr

Meerkats and the water mystery

A little while ago I mentioned that meerkats never drink water and yet they live active lives and require a lot of water for their metabolism. Remarkably they obtain all their water from the food which they eat. And they obtain all their food fBuy Cialis Online Without Prescriptionromorder generic cialis underground. They feed mainly on juicy beetle larvae, succulent frogs and crunchy (but moisture-filled) scorpions and in this way they obtain all the moisture that they require. In the following photo you can see the last bit of a...

9 Apr

Meerkats & the extreme desert temperatures

Meerkats are really remarkable. They are small mammals that live in an extremely harsh environment. Their small shape means that they lose or gain heat very rapidly and being mammals this means that they must expend energy in maintaining their bodlevitra online no prescriptiony temperature and they must find behavioral ways in which to avoid excessive heat gain or heat loss. They are sociable animals and they live in burrows. At night the temperature in these burrows does not drop as low as on the surface. Also the meerkat family...

2 Apr

Makgadikgadi Meerkats

I'm currently on the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana. This is a challenging desert environment and all life forms here are adapted to survive under the harsh conditions. The Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) are not only the most endearing specBuy Discount Cialis Online ukies here but are also a window into the challenges and other species of this area. Over the next few posts I will share some of the lessons I have learnt from these wonderful animals. ...

19 Mar

My favourite frog

I think frogs are awesome. Although we associate them with water as a group they have found many ways to be independent of water. Chiromantis xerampelina is also known as the "foam nest frog" or the "grey tree frog". These beautiful frogcialis soft tabss are often found long distances from water in the hottest conditions. Remarkably they can absorb surface water like dew, through the skin on their stomachs. And in order to avoid losing this precious water to a harsh dry environment they have special waterproofing cells on their...

12 Mar


This beautiful lady is a Golden Orb Web Spider. I saw her in the Okavango but you might find members of her species in many different areas. cialis sale She is a remarkable spider and can produce more than 300 metres of extremely strong silk per day. Her silk has twice as much stretch as silk and by weight is 5 times stronger than steel but is lighter than cotton. It's no wonder that she recycles it. She eats all unused old silk, processes it and it is available for use...

5 Mar

The intriguing, vicious and sometimes exquisite antlion

I'm sure that you've seen those small pits in the dust. You know the ones I mean . . . The creatures that construct these pits are intriguing and vicious little creatures called ant lions because they feed on small insects and arachnids (mostly ants and termites) and are ferocious. Their bodies are grub-like but covered in stiff hairs. Their mouthparts consist of only a pair of sharp, hollow fang-like jaws. They construct their characteristic pits by moving backwards in concentric circles in fine loose sand. They then lie at the...

5 Mar

River Crossings in Moremi

The Okavango Delta floods annually. This flood derives its water from rains that fall far in the north in the Angolan Highlands. This water takes months to reach the Okavango Delta. Last year's flood was extremely high and the water level is stillbuy viagra online extremely high. On my recent expedition with Uncharted Africa we had to do several exciting river crossings. Have a look at the video of one of our crossings. ...

27 Feb

The Okavango in the wet season

I have just completed a fantastic safari in The Okavango Delta of Botswana. This magical paradise is my favourite place on earth. At present it is the rainy season up here and while this makes driving more challenging the rewards are bountiful. For a start everything is lush and green and most animals have recently given birth. Also the flowers are out in abundance. Most impressive was the Impala Lily (Gloriosa superba) which also happens to be the national flower of Zimbabwe. Although this plant is poisonous it is also of...

2 Feb

And we’re back

Many apologies for our long absence from the cyber-realm. We had some problems with our website and as a result I have not been able to post any blogs for about a month. Thank you very much to everyone who notified us about the problems with accescheap viagra overnights to our website and to those who told us that they missed the newsletters. I left everyone hanging in the midst of Helen & Malcom Scott's epic Western Cape walking holiday, so here are a few highlights just to get me...

31 Dec

From the ocean to the mountains

We drove inland to the Groenlandberg. This area is intensively farmed with fruit and so to begin our walk we were transported like apples by tractor. Our walks at the sea had been so spectacular that we doubted they would be rivaled, but although the peak of the flowering season had passed we were treated to the most magnificent views and incredible flower diplays (perfect weather also helped).     I photographed many individual flowers but those can wait for another time EXCEPT FOR this exquisite Gladiolus. The top of the mountain was...