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Cape Town City Walks Archives - Walk in Africa
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Walk in Africa / Cape Town City Walks
23 Nov

Snakes Alive!

Brian, Robin, Mark & Ricky came walking with me recently. We were blessed with exquisite weather and many beautiful flowers. This inconspicuous orchid (Satyrium humile) almost escaped our attention. We also saw this beautiful hibiscus (Hibiscus aethiopicus) We stopped for a rest at a spot with magnificent views and the 'A' team looked like they were really happy and enjoying themsleves. For me the highlight of the walk was seeing this exquisite Boomslang. These snakes are back-fanged and have an haemotoxic venom (which means that is attacks the red blood cells). The bites...

10 Nov

Cape Town weather

We started off once again in blustery weather on the beach, with heavy clouds and a westerly wind. As a result of the high winds and storm the previous day, the beach was strewn with Portuguese Man O'War (Physalia physalis). These creatures have no form of independent locomotion and are simply blown by the wind and carried by the currents. The posses stinging cells which can deliver a very painful sting and unfortunately Kili was stung on the foot. The pain subsided after about 30 minutes and...

23 May

The Lost City of Cape Town

On a recent Table Mountain walk we looked down to where we expected to see the city but it was immersed in fog, with only the notorious towers visible. It was indeed the lost city of Cape Town. Whereas the mythical lost city of Atlantis was supposcialis onlineedly a marvel of architectural triumph, what architecture was visible of the lost city of Cape Town could hardly be described as "marvelous" nor as an architectural triumph. None the less being above the fog provided a unique and special view. When we...

18 Apr

Sex & Slaves in the City

Yes, I know that I have been somewhat tardy about uploading regular blogs. And I have been suitably chastised by several of our regular readers. The reason for my tardiness is that I have been distracted and consumed by the (re)launch of our phenomenal Sex & Slaves in the City "tour". I hesitate to use the word "tour", because Dean and Samantha have elevated this to the status of superb street theatre. They have taken a well researched narrative about the lives of slaves at the Cape and with humour, choreography and...

23 Oct

Cape Town’s oldest theatre

St. Stephen’s Church on Riebeek square in central Cape Town is the only Dutch Reformed church named after a saint. But the story runs a little deeper than that. The building was erected during the first British occupation as a theatre which opened onviagra price the 17th November 1800; consequently making it the oldest theatre in South Africa and the only theatre to become a church. Back under Dutch regime for a little while it was called the Afrikaansche Schouwburg or simply the Komediehuis. With the official emancipation of...

18 Oct

JAN VAN RIEBEEK – Before and after The Cape

Most of us are unaware of the fact that Jan Van Riebeek only spent ten years of his life at the Cape. The legacy he left behind however is one of epic proportion. Statues, Street names, river names, school names, suburb nlevitra no prescriptionames, town names, you name it, it’s called Riebeek. But who was the man before and after the Cape? To begin with, he was born in Culemborg in the Netherlands as Johan Anthoniszoon van Riebeeck on 21 April 1619 as the son of a surgeon. Jan grew up...

8 Sep

Maclear’s Beacon

Maclear's Beacon is a stone cairn built in 1865 by Sir Thomas Maclear for trigonometrical survey. It is 1,086 metres (3,563 ft) above sea level, about 19 metres (62 ft) hBinary Options Trading Signals Live!igher than the cable station at the western end of the plateau. if you haven't been there then you haven't really climbed Table Mountain. The beacon is a large stone cairn placed to mark the highest point on the mountain by Sir Thomas Maclear in 1844.Dr. Maclear had a keen interest in amateur astronomy, and would...

30 Aug

The King’s Block House

The Kings Block House is a historical site on Devils Peak. Named after King George III of Great Britain, high on the Eastern flank of Table Mountain is the highest of a series of Block Houses built by the British in 1796, as a defensive and lookout position. Kings block house was placed theMejorar Las Erecciones - Cure Erectile Dysfunction Spanishre as from that point it was possible to see False Bay on the Eastern side of the Cape Peninsula and from there it was possible to signal via the...

2 Aug

Slave Sex Scandal

Sex is an awesomely powerful force about which we prefer not to talk. However its force is blatantly obvious. Just look at how many people there are on the planet! We are pretty accustomed to the historical stories of free white mbuy cialis onlineembers of society taking sexual advantage of enslaved women. What doesn’t get much airtime are the historical interracial romances which involved willing partners – and there are many of these. The juiciest bit of scandal that we have so far discovered involved Hester Jansz. She was a...