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Cape Peninsula Archives - Walk in Africa
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Walk in Africa / Cape Peninsula
19 May

Look beyond

The Cape coast is characterised by having enormous forests of kelp (Ecklonia maxima). These remarkable plants grip the substrate with a holdfast and grow rapidly to the sea surface, where they maintain their position by way of a gas-filled bladder that ensures that their fronds are maximally exposed to sunlight for photosynthesis. Besides being a characteristic feature of our shores, these kelp forests are vitally important in the ecology of the area. They act as a baffle, reducing the strength of the high-energy currents and providing a protected zone in which...

28 Nov

Table Mountain throws it all at us

Gerd Spegel is an old guest and friend. I guided him twice on foot safaris in Zimbabwe and we had incredible adventures in the bush in those heady days past (and future!) Since he was passing through Cape Town we decided to catch-up while we walked up Table Mountain on one of the more obscure routes. As we started-out the weather was perfect; cool with high cloud and gorgeous Watsonias (Watsonia borbonica) brightening our way with Table Mountain in the background. However as we ascended the mountain the cloud descended and engulfed...

20 Nov

Driver, Guide, Botanist, Mechanic, Marriage Counselor, Doctor, Cobbler

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for the post about my last day walking with Olympia's last group. The truth is that (a) it was such an incredibly beautiful walk that I will require at least two postingcialis buys to do it justice and (b) I have been very busy adventuring since then, so as usual there are many exciting blogs about baby whales, flowers, snakes, dogs, wine and other adventures waiting to be posted! Well our last day on the 'Mountains In The Sea Trail' was glorious. Right...

10 Nov

Cape Town weather

We started off once again in blustery weather on the beach, with heavy clouds and a westerly wind. As a result of the high winds and storm the previous day, the beach was strewn with Portuguese Man O'War (Physalia physalis). These creatures have no form of independent locomotion and are simply blown by the wind and carried by the currents. The posses stinging cells which can deliver a very painful sting and unfortunately Kili was stung on the foot. The pain subsided after about 30 minutes and...

9 Nov

Finns in the mist

The weather today was not as fine as yesterday, but forunately it was not as hot as I have experienced it here before.   We were very fortunate to still have most of the magnificent views of this walk because the mist lifted when we approached Hout Bay. Kili loved the walk but was misbehaved and so he & I had an argument. As usual I set-up a safety rope at the ladder and everyone used it and appreciated having it there. Toward the end of the walk the mist settled-in...

1 Feb


The Watsonias are flowers from the Iris Family. The entire genus of 52 species is found in South Africa and they are all incredibly beautiful. Right now we are in the midst of our summer, which is an extremely harsh time of year for plants. It is hot, dry and extremely windy and so predictably relatively few plants are in flower at this time. Many of the Watsonias, however choose to flower now in spite of their delicate appearance. They manage to do his because they possess underground storage vessels called corms in...

25 Jan

Hanging out with the Spiderheads

We were walking in a favourite part of Table Mountain National Park, when Shoshi took a leap of faith and decided to literally "hang-out". I can't say I blamed her. The view was superb and its always great to have some space under one. The day was made all the more special by these hairy Spiderheads (Serruria hirsuta). Belive it or not these beautiful flowers are members of the Protea family. They are extremely rare and this is the only known population of the species in the world. There are approximately 1500...

18 Jan


In fynbos the daisy family is well represented. And within this family are several species which have dry flowers - even when they are fresh. These are commonly known as the everlastings or sometimes as paper-flowers. My favourite are Phaenocomabuy cialis prolifera (the Cape Strawflower), which are a vivid pink in colour when they first open and then gradually fading to white. Their flowering season lasts through the heat of summer and presumably the dry papery flowers minimise water loss. The genus name "Phaenocoma" is derived from the Greek...

15 Jan

Special places with special people

There is something extra special about walking with close friends and family. In perfect weather I walked in the Table Mountain National Park with such people, who have managed to to tick both boxes by being in my life for so long - these are closbuy cheap cialise friends who have become family. [caption id="attachment_788" align="aligncenter" width="448" caption="Nadine & Shlomit Cohen above Simonstown in Table Mountain National Park"][/caption] ...