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Walking Safari in Parque Nacional do Limpopo, Mozambique - Walk in Africa
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22 Jun

Walking Safari in Parque Nacional do Limpopo, Mozambique

There are several reasons why I am extremely excited to be conducting this walking safari to Parque Nacional do Limpopo.

Firstly I find the concept of transfrontier parks to be so positive in the face of so much negativity. For many years I have gazed at maps of southern Africa and fantasised about a wildlife refuge that could stretch from The Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Obviously others shared my fantasy and over the past few years a momentum has built up, and this fantasy is rapidly becoming a reality.

In an ever-shrinking world (particularly for wildlife) it is extremely exciting to see land being reclaimed for conservation, and for use in a sustainable manner for humans as well as for wildlife, and it gives me a sense of contribution to be using these areas.

The Kruger Park was where, as a child, I laid the foundation of my knowledge and passion for wilderness and wildlife. But over the years Kruger has grown too busy for me. It is an incredible wildlife preserve but until now I have not found a way in which to run my style of safari (look at http://www.stevebolnicksafaris.com/), which focuses on maximising the personal wilderness experience – primarily on foot.

In keeping with my “untamed” identity, this safari will go to one of those few remaining gems where the wildness is palpable.

And this is a pioneering safari. The Limpopo Park in Mozambique is not a well-known park. It is new and it is fresh. It is growing and improving all the time and NOW is the time to experience it!

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