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A rainy day - Walk in Africa
11 Feb

A rainy day

Cape Town is known for it’s unpredictable and changing weather and we certainly experienced it today. Yesterday we walked in 30C weather (86F for those of you still stuck in the 19th century) with cloudless skies. We (most of us) were awoken at 04h30 by a very loud electric storm. By the time we started walking across the gorgeous Noordhoek Beach, the rain had abated but the weather was cool.

We continued to the wreck of the Kakopo and beyond. Ken was so happy that he threw all his collected feathers into the air and grinned like a child! In the picture below, the wreck is visible in the background . . . and so is Chapman’s Peak (covered in cloud).

Not much later the sun emerged and the temperature soared, tempting insects into activity. We found this beautiful, but dangerous, Blister Beetle feeding on a Roella flower. When disturbed these beetles produce a nasty defensive secretion which causes skin blistering.

By the time we stopped for lunch the sun had been replaced by thick mist and a chill wind, and fleeces appeared miraculously. Soon thereafter rain begin to fall and the colourful apparel followed . . .

Our last surprise before descending into the historical town of Simonstown, was a Golden Orb Spider on her web. These beautiful spiders produce an extremely strong silk – as strong as Kevlar.

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