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29 Dec

Table Mountain with Attitude

In my work I meet many people from different backgrounds – fortunately the vast majority of them are wonderful people. One lesson I have learnt after years of guiding in various african countries is this: The people who don a pair of boots and want t

o learn more about our fragile and beautiful planet are special people! Its as simple as that.

Today I had some guests with serious attitude! Lisa & Kim expected to hike-up Table Mountain, enjoy the great views and descend via the cable car in time to see the city. Well, the mountain had other ideas. The Cape Doctor was howling and the cableway was shut. The mist was almost solid and views were not on offer. At times the temperature required three (or more) layers of clothing. And of course the knee-challenging descent via Platteklip Gorge was not expected.

Kim & Lisa could have complained. They could have whined about a precious day wasted. They could have bemoaned the discomfort and the extra unexpected descent on foot. After their long , costly journey to see the iconic Table Mountain and its views they could have felt like victims. But that’s not what they did. Instead they embraced the experience! After all the South Easter is a characteristic of Cape Town and the black South Easter is a special ecological feature of Table Mountain. We were fully prepared with the correct equipment, food and water and so they ENJOYED a REAL December Table Mountain hike. They enjoyed the ambience. They enjoyed the challenge. They enjoyed the flowers . . . and we were blessed with wonderful views of the orchid Disa longicornu (the drip Disa).

They enjoyed the company of Kili and his son Meru.

In short they had a wonderful time . . . and next time the mountain will grace them with windless, sunny weather. That’s the way it goes.

So Paradise Tours, Livingstone Safaris and Hills of Africa please send me more visitors with attitude!

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