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6 Jun

History has never been this easy

If you live in Cape Town, when last did you visit the Castle?  I’ve never been to the Castle; a shocking admission for someone who has lived here for 19 years.  Equally shocking is the pathetic amount of walking I do, for someone who works fo

r a company called Walk In Africa.  On Friday, though, I did both.  I was finally chased out from behind my desk to do the two-hour city walk “Sex and Slaves in the City – the Theatre Tour”.  My idea of theatre is a comfy seat and a box of chocs, dimmed lighting, etc., so I really wasn’t too sure about trailing along behind a pair of actor/guides doing their song and dance routine through the city streets. 


But Samantha and Dean (the actor/guides) bring Cape Town and its history of slavery to life.  As one of the guest house owners along for the tour said, “History has never been this easy!”  Or fun, I might add.  From the opening “Roll up, roll up!”, to hunting for clues outside the Cape Heritage hotel, to the history of Cape Town in 30 seconds at the flags outside the Castle, and the slave auction at the site of the original Slave Tree, this is history at it’s most entertaining.  Dean and Sam are completely unselfconscious, and their enthusiasm is catchy.  They know their stuff, can break off in mid-act to answer questions, and they deal with interest from drunk beggars in the most courteous and professional manner! 

 If you visit Cape Town, or if you live here, you gotta do this walk!

 I’m back behind my desk now, so give me a shout or email me (details under Contact), and I’ll give you all the info you need.

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