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Have fun with your loved ones - Walk in Africa
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4 Oct

Have fun with your loved ones

I spend my days chasing my tail and for far too long I have delayed taking my boys on a real holiday, always waiting for the right time. Well the right time never comes. You actually just have to make it happen. So last week I chose to ignore busine

ss and domestic pressures and I took my boys on a real holiday. Their early years were spent in the bush but circumstances have relocated them to the city. I took them back into the bush, to my favourite lodge in the Greater Kruger National Park (Umlani Bush Camp). I can’t begin to explain how much joy I have had from witnessing their joy, awe, excitement, appreciation and reawakening. Perhaps these pictures taken by all three of us will tell a better story and hopefully they will inspire you to spend some uninterrupted time with someone special in your life.

We saw this pride of lions every day and watched them devour an entire giraffe over the period of four days.

Morgan wanted to see a hippo. He didn’t expect a lion cub in the foreground!


Lions & Buffalo were not the only species we saw posing together. We found this Rhino grazing in the midst of an enormous herd of Buffalo.

Contented boys soaking-up their heritage and one of our favourite leopards!


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