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A log, a dog, a beach (and of course) a flower - Walk in Africa
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14 Feb

A log, a dog, a beach (and of course) a flower

Today we enjoyed a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Noordhoek beach. The cool weather was a welcome change from yesterday’s heat, and the lack of gradient was equally welcomed.

While Pirjo demonstrated “strong women in Finland”, Risto watched and encouraged her. Meru was totally unaware of all the effort being exerted in order to elevate him!

Just before we ended the hike for the day, we came across this beautiful Haemanthus sanguineus (Blood lily) from the Amaryllis family. The deep red colours of this plant certainly attracted the attention of the taxonomists. The genus name “haemanthus” is derived from the Greek words meaning “blood flower” and the species name “sanguineus” is derived from the latin and means “blood”. I certainly don’t think of blood when I see these flowers! They simply make me happy.


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