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Half man, half goat - entirely flower - Walk in Africa
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6 Oct

Half man, half goat – entirely flower

The Cape Peninsula is home to an astonishing number of indigenous plant species. It is believed that there are approximately 2,285 species on The Peninsula. Amongst this ridiculously large diversity of plants are over 100 species of orchids.

Right now is the time for the members of the genus Satyrium. This genus is named after the mythological hedonistic Greek creature the Satyr, because it too has two horns in the form of spurs on the lip of the flower. Unlike the classic ostentatious flower that most people associate with orchids, the satyriums have a column of small flowers. Close examination will reveal that each of these tiny flowers has the classic orchid-shape in miniature.

Here is a close-up of the beautiful Satyrium coriifolium.

satyrium coriifolium

Also in flower at present is Stayrium odorum, which has a delicate cinnamon-fragrance at night. The picture below clearly shows the orchid shape of the miniature flowers.

Satyrium odorum small

The most beautiful of the genus – Satyrium carneum has just begun to flower and as soon as I get a photo, I will share it.

All year I look forward to the appearance of these delicate, exquisite flowers and when they finally appear they give me joy. Too soon they are gone and so I appreciate and enjoy them as much as possible while they are here.