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An adventure with David Livingstone - Walk in Africa
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30 Dec

An adventure with David Livingstone

This week I enjoyed a peach of a day with David Livingstone – Seriously!

His family came along as well, and his wife’s name is Debbie – not Mary Moffat. He hails from New York rather than Scotland and he is not exactly a protestant missionary. You see this is a contemporary David Livingstone but nonetheless he was exploring Africa and we hiked in the Table Mountain National Park on a fat juicy perfect day.

A peach of a day in paradise

A peach of a day in paradise

We were fortunate enough to see two Cape mammal species that both recovered from the brink of extinction – The Mountain Zebra and The Bontebok.



Cp Mntn Zebra

Mountain Zebra

In the following posts I will tell the remarkable inspirational success stories of the recovery of these two species.