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Surprises with the Norwegians - Walk in Africa
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24 Feb

Surprises with the Norwegians

I went walking on Table Mountain with Elin from Get Africa Travel and some of her friends.

blog group Maclears


I promised them a surprise (overraskelse), but even I was surprised by the unexpected surprises! First we saw our National Flower Protea cynaroides and Elin looked very surprised.

blog cynaroides


Then we saw Disa graminifolia, the Blue Disa . . . and I was ecstatic. These flowers make me so happy.

Blog D graminifolia


And then we were surprised by yet another orchid from the genus Disa – Disa ferruginea, the cluster disa.

Blog D ferriginea


And finally we saw the surprise that I had promised . . . scores of the incredible Red Disa (D uniflora) our provincial flower.

blog D uniflora


I hope that my visitors enjoyed themselves as much as I did & that they will return for more surprising flowers.