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31 Oct

To Chapman’s Peak and beyond . . .

Chapman's Peak must be the best known mountain peak in South Africa. There are several versions of how the mountain received its name but they all agree on one thing - the mountain was named after John Chapman - a lowly ship's sailor. On our way we saw this magnificent Protea cynaroides flower: We saw magnificent scenery And finally, in a howling gale-force southeaster, we made it to the top of Chapman's Peak. ...

30 Oct

Cape Town Weather

Cape Town weather is renowned for its unpredictability and variability. Yesterday was sunny and windless. Today the mountain was beautiful, with aperfect table-cloth draped over the table. With a group from Prima Travel (www.primatravel.com) we ascended right into the cloud. The views were not great but the ambience was good and the flowers were wonderful. Bulbinella nutans Disa rosea Eventually we emerged from the cloud back into the sunshine and everyone was instantly happier! ...

30 Oct

Reminders of Sir Francis Drake’s visit to The Cape of Good Hope

In 1580 on his famous circumnavigation of the globe, Sir Francis Drake saw Cape of Good Hope and described it as the fairest Cape that he had seen in his entire journey. He MUST have been here on a day just like we experienced today! The Cape was beacialis online without prescriptionutiful beyond description. The temperature was a comfortable 200C and there was barely any wind. The sea was absolutely flat and the water was as clear as that in an aquarium. Along the way we also saw beautiful flowers like...

25 Oct


They go by a whole array of common names: Butterfly Lily, Red Root, Spider Flower, Coffee Bean . . . but whatever you call them, the flowers of Wachendorfia paniculata are delightful. They are commonly seen on walking trails on Table Mountaibuy levitra 20mgn and around Cape Town. They are from the Blood Root family, so named because their rhizomes are deep red in colour and can be used to make a dye. If you look carefully at the accompanying photograph you will notice something unique about these flowers. Two of the...

3 Oct


For some time now Walk In Africa has been developing corporate walking experiences. Last week we teamed-up with PROMENTOR and took a few of their affiliates on a walk. PROMENTOR works in the corporate sector, assisting entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals to improve their performance and that of their businesses. This was an ideal opportunity to obtain feedback from the experts. We chose a walk that provided a little bit of a challenge, plenty of reward, spectacular scenery and great diversity. We used several tools for this exercise. One of these...

16 Aug


Considering that the Cape Floral Kingdom is home to approximately nine thousand plant species, it is very difficult to choose a favourite. However, if I had to choose, the vaalkreupelhout (Leucospermum conocarpodendron) would definitely be under consideration. The plants are so familiar on The Cape Peninsula and their bountiful yellow flowers are exceptionally beautiful at this time of year. It is also a very interesting plant. We do not have the space and time here to discuss albuy cialis online safelyl the interesting features of this plant, but there is a...

9 Aug

Cobra Lily Time

The Cobra lilies herald the start of the flowering season in Cape Town. The plants bearing these gorgeous flowers are part of the iris family. Their genus name Chasmanthe is derived from the Greek words chasme, meaning "gaping", and anthos, meaning "flower”. As is evident from the accompanying picture, the curved tubular shape of their flowers corresponds with that of the bill of sunbirds, which are their pollinators. They are also dependant upPearly Penile Papules Removal - Brand New Market ~ Hoton birds for...