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29 Mar

In the hills with the Hills

Recently I had the good fortune to guide Simon & Sarah up Table Mountain. Besides the fact that Simon had the coolest hat imaginable, they are a really fun couple. Sarah pretended to have an issue with exposed heights . . . We saw a few very special flowers, but the highlight for me was Nerine sarniensis, the Guernsey Lily. This exquisite flower is a bulb from the Amaryllis family. It is one of 25 species in this genus, which is endemic to South Africa. Interestingly this species has...

7 Mar

Old Friends, New Friends

Recently I took the Ivesons walking on Table Mountain. Walking is always a great way to make new friends. But by remarkable coincidence an old university friend and his wife had just arrived by sea and also walked up Table Mountain with us. I haven'tcheap viagra seen Marshal Klaus and Ellen for more years than I can remember. The genus Agapanthus must be one of the best known and most widely grown garden plants in the world. There are six known species and all of them are endemic to South Africa....

1 Feb


The Watsonias are flowers from the Iris Family. The entire genus of 52 species is found in South Africa and they are all incredibly beautiful. Right now we are in the midst of our summer, which is an extremely harsh time of year for plants. It is hot, dry and extremely windy and so predictably relatively few plants are in flower at this time. Many of the Watsonias, however choose to flower now in spite of their delicate appearance. They manage to do his because they possess underground storage vessels called corms in...

25 Jan

Hanging out with the Spiderheads

We were walking in a favourite part of Table Mountain National Park, when Shoshi took a leap of faith and decided to literally "hang-out". I can't say I blamed her. The view was superb and its always great to have some space under one. The day was made all the more special by these hairy Spiderheads (Serruria hirsuta). Belive it or not these beautiful flowers are members of the Protea family. They are extremely rare and this is the only known population of the species in the world. There are approximately 1500...

18 Jan


In fynbos the daisy family is well represented. And within this family are several species which have dry flowers - even when they are fresh. These are commonly known as the everlastings or sometimes as paper-flowers. My favourite are Phaenocomabuy cialis prolifera (the Cape Strawflower), which are a vivid pink in colour when they first open and then gradually fading to white. Their flowering season lasts through the heat of summer and presumably the dry papery flowers minimise water loss. The genus name "Phaenocoma" is derived from the Greek...

9 Dec

EAT – WALK – TASTE (wine)

Never mind “Eat – Pray – Love”. Try “Eat – Walk – Taste (wine)”. It’s a vast improvement. Take my word for it – I have just completed the new Green Mountain Trail. And that is my three word summary of the trail: eat, walk, taste. This is a taste and online payday loanhospitality trail. If you love excellent food, incredible wine and great walking then this trail is for you. Add astounding wild flowers and farm hospitality to that seductive mix and you have The Green Mountain Trail. For more information...

26 Nov


The Whale Trail is a remarkable Cape Hike. The first days take one through beautiful fynbos vegetation and over hills with magnificent vistas, but then it drops to the coast and one walks along the sea for days. Here the focus shifts away from flowers to marine creatures and breathtaking scenery. Although there is less fynbos to see, this collection of gooseneck barnacles were reminiscent of an abstract flower arrangement. Dolphins are reguarly seen on along this section of the Whale Trail. And we also found this nesting colony of Cape Cormorants that...

11 Nov

Over the Hill

Actually the title of this article does not refer to me - nor to Kili (and obviously not to Meru). It refers to the route that we walked today. We started on the beach and walked to the wreck of the Kakapo, which went down (actually 'up' in this case) in 1900. Captain Nicholayson miscalculated his position under conditions of poor visibility and instead of rounding The Cape of Good Hope, he parked his ship on Noordhoek Beach! A little later we found an enormous log which was part of a ships...

11 Nov

Is perfection possible?

My parents always told me that nothing is perfect. Perhaps they were hoping to assist me to deal with my flaws, but I believed them - until today that is. Today was a perfect day. The perfect walk in perfect weather. Unless you count the fact that weorder cialis online no prescription didn't see any whales as imperfect!! We started-off in glorious sunshine and perfect and soon could see back to Table Mountain where yesterday we had been in the mist. Once again the flowers were wonderful and this ice plant (family...

3 Nov

Cape Point – on the rocks please

I received a message from Anders Holmberg in which I was politely chastised for not featuring his wife Annica sufficiently in the previous blog postings! So she features quite prominently in todays blog posting. Once again the weather was unpredicSeduction For Guys In Relationships.table but we did have the opportunity to have a rest on these enormous rocks. Anders - please note Annica sitting on the far left! The tide was very high and this made our progress along the rocky shore even more exciting than normal. (Yes Anders that is Annica...