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Flowers Archives - Page 2 of 4 - Walk in Africa
6 Oct

Half man, half goat – entirely flower

The Cape Peninsula is home to an astonishing number of indigenous plant species. It is believed that there are approximately 2,285 species on The Peninsula. Amongst this ridiculously large diversity of plants are over 100 species of orchids. Right now is the time for the members of the genus Satyrium. This genus is named after the mythological hedonistic Greek creature the Satyr, because it too has two horns in the form of spurs on the lip of the flower. Unlike the classic ostentatious flower that most people associate with orchids, the...

9 Sep

An exquisite new species (for me)

Last week, while walking in the mist, I came across this exquisite Pincushion Protea. This is Leucospermum lineare and  have never before seen it in flower.   It is no secret that I have a soft spot for Leucospermums and find them wonderfully photogenic. So the remaining photos are simply my celebration of this beautiful flower and a celebration of the spring. I hope that enjoy these pictures as much as I do. ...

12 Nov

An Epitaph

I lost a friend a week ago. He was only 24 years old and full of passion and joy. I spent a long day on the mountain looking for him before his body was discovered and during that time it struck me just how fragile our lives are and how we have toviagra prescription uk seize every moment that is given to us. I think Robbie lived like that. I believe that he crammed more into his short 24 years than many people manage in three times more years. I...

2 Feb

And we’re back

Many apologies for our long absence from the cyber-realm. We had some problems with our website and as a result I have not been able to post any blogs for about a month. Thank you very much to everyone who notified us about the problems with accescheap viagra overnights to our website and to those who told us that they missed the newsletters. I left everyone hanging in the midst of Helen & Malcom Scott's epic Western Cape walking holiday, so here are a few highlights just to get me...

20 Nov

Driver, Guide, Botanist, Mechanic, Marriage Counselor, Doctor, Cobbler

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for the post about my last day walking with Olympia's last group. The truth is that (a) it was such an incredibly beautiful walk that I will require at least two postingcialis buys to do it justice and (b) I have been very busy adventuring since then, so as usual there are many exciting blogs about baby whales, flowers, snakes, dogs, wine and other adventures waiting to be posted! Well our last day on the 'Mountains In The Sea Trail' was glorious. Right...

22 Aug

European Heathers

Today I take a step out of my comfort zone! Earlier in the day my friend Patrick Verbraecken from Belgium sent me a photograph of a heather that he had encountered on one of his walks. Patrick has been walking with me on Table Mountain (and iwhere can i buy cialis onlines a complete africa-phile) and knows my love of fynbos, so he sent me this photograph. This is an intriguing plant for me. I believe (and perhaps someone can confirm this for me) that...

31 Jul

Over the Krakadouw Pass

We departed from Heuningvlei passing beautiful sculptured rocks en route to the Krakadouw Pass. You may recall a previous post ("Once was famous" - May 2nd 2011) in which I spoke about the tremendous variety of colour forms seen in Protea repens flowers. On this walk we saw a colour variety that I have never seen before. The bracts are white but the stamens & anthers are red. The contrast is extremely beautiful. While descending the western side of the pass we saw this beautiful Lachenalia. The genus Lachenalia...

6 Jun

Of dogs, dolphins, docks, dazzling beauty and dyes

If you've been following the eternal sunshine of my random mind, you will recall a character who featured in one of my recent posts. His name is Ovid Jacota and he enjoys walking and he loves animals - especially dogs. I think that he trusts them viagra salebetter than he trusts humans - which is wise. Anyway he went walking with Kili & Meru, and we tagged along. We were extra privileged to see this enormous school of Dolphins swimming in the ocean below. They weren't very close nor very...

5 May

Fire & Fynbos

I am so privileged to live in the most hiker-friendly city in the world. This is a photo I took recently while on a walk in the Table Mountain range. Within minutes of the city are literally hundreds of beautiful walking routes of any duration. If you look carefully you can see smoke rising from the Helderberg Mountain on the opposite side of the valley. This was the enormous fire that we experienced a few weeks ago. The fact is that our remarkable biodiverse fynbos is dependant on fire for regeneration....